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I met Andrei at my cocktail lounge over 10 years ago. When we were doing fundraisers for many of the non profits in the local community Andrei was the first one asking what we needed. I also know his wife and children very well. Watching him as a Dad no one can compete with his dedication. I appreciate Andrei’s commitment to our community and as a business owner. He knows first hand what businesses need from the city. — John Crovo
Retired Business Owner
I have known Andrei for over 10 years and have done business with him for that period of time as well. I have found him to be a very smart and honest person! I have enjoyed all of my dealings with him as well. I know he has all of the fine qualities for any leadership role! I would urge anyone to vote for him. — Albert DeMartini
Executive Vice President Colliers
I've known Andrei for 15 years and have enjoyed watching his career blossom and family grow. I met him when he was a service representative at Main St. Auto Repair, full of energy and a strong desire to get better every day. He put himself through graduate school at St. Mary's while working and taking care of his family and now OWNS the shop where he worked. He knows and understands and supports small business! During the pandemic, Andrei reached out to other businesses near his to help them get through the shutdowns. This man needs to be on our City Council! — Craig Howard
Business Owner - Diablo CrossFit
In the 15 years that I have known Andrei, he has always shown his intelligence, dedication to his career and to his family, and has always been interested in his community. He understands hard work. He can be counted on to make decisions only after hearing multiple points of view. He has all the qualities you want to be a great member of the city council. — Lawrence Hutchings
I have known Andrei for about ten years. He has always impressed me as a family man with high integrity and a deep passion for his community. But even more than that, he is a great communicator, able to listen to and understand diverse opinions… a talent so necessary in public service. He will make a great city councilman for Pleasant Hill. — Paul Jackson
Retired Network Engineer
Andrei is a great person, a better friend, and a successful business owner. Anytime he is faced with adversity he handles it head-on and overcomes the obstacles. He’s one of those people out there that actually truly cares about others and I’m proud to call him a friend of mine. — Jim Kenney
VP Finance
I have known Andrei for 15 years. He has all the qualifications for leadership needed in our challenging times. He is a pragmatic thinker and will be an effective fiduciary for the tax payers. Lastly, he is caring individual and a dedicated father. I have complete faith in his abilities to be an effective city council member and I would urge you to vote for him. — Tom Lewenz
Salesforce Admin
I have had a working relationship with Andrei for a number of years. I have found him to be very insightful and candid with his vision. He is very knowledgeable and creative in the way he solves problems. His action oriented style is both appreciated and admired. He is truly a leader in all he does. I highly endorse him to be the community leader we all deserve. — Darren Merritt
Principal Boardwalk Investment Group, Inc.
Andrei Obolenskiy is one of the most hard working people I had the pleasure of working with. His dedication to his work and family is inspiring. — Corinna Wills
MBA Classmate

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