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Friday, September 2, 2022 11:56 AM

California Bills that affect Small Business

The 2022 legislative session ended late Thursday night, August 31.  The Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto bills on his desk.  Here is a list of key bills we tracked this year.  We will continue to monitor bills on Governor's desk and report.  Let me know if you have any questions. 



Thursday, September 1, 2022 9:26 AM

Catalytic Converter Bills Update

We are down to two catalytic converter theft bills from the original eleven introduced beginning of session. SB 986 died yesterday on the Assembly floor.
The two bills left, AB 1740 and SB 1087 (both have gone to Governor) place restrictions on core recyclers when purchasing catalytic converters. The Governor has until Sept 30, 2022 to decide fate. There is high probability that he signs both bills. Will continue to monitor and report.


AB 1740 – Requires core recyclers who accept converters from commercial enterprise, which includes auto repair dealers, to obtain the following from seller: name, business address and phone, business license or tax ID, date of sale, number of converters sold, amount of money and written agreement to be kept for two years. Status: Do pass as amended and to Senate Floor.


SB 1087 - Requires core recyclers who accept converters from seller to obtain and maintain written records, including name, date number of converters and amount of money and specifically prohibits any person from purchasing used converter other than specified business which includes an auto repair dealer. Status: Do pass as amended and to Assembly Floor.

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