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Meet Andrei


I have been in California since 2001 with a small stint in Washington D.C. where I managed a large division of automotive retail locations from Virginia Beach to Buffalo. It was there I met my wife Dasha and we were married. I grew up in Arvada, Colorado and lived with a wonderful family from Mexico City. I spent my summers there, and learned to speak Spanish. My wife and her family are from the former Soviet Union and are proud to be Americans now. With 3 languages spoken at home it can be a bit confusing sometimes! 

 Local Business Owners 

  I own Main Street Automotive in Downtown Walnut Creek. We took over the business about 3 years ago before the pandemic. After working as a consultant, trainer, and business development representative travelling around the USA and Mexico I wanted to be home with my family. I am so happy to be rooted in the local community, and see our many customers at local stores and shops. Small business is the backbone of our community and I want to ensure we preserve that. 

Dasha teaches children in an afterschool program Russian language and literature at our school in downtown Walnut Creek. Her business is the Russian Language School of Contra Costa. She works with Theatr Skaska in the same space. Skaska is run by a wonderful Ukrainian family that we have had a the privilege to work with for many years. Here is more info about the two programs:


I have a degree in Automotive Technology from Red Rocks Community College. I attended there while going to high school. I have an Economics from State University of Management, and an MBA in Global Business from St. Mary's College of California.  




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