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Candidate Statement

I have been in Pleasant Hill since 2016 and living in Contra Costa County since 2001. I graduated with honors from St. Mary's College with an MBA in Global Business. After college, I was a consultant for Fortune 500 companies before leaving to spend more time with my family. Now, my wife and I manage 2 small businesses in the area while raising 3 amazing children. My platform is looking to the future. I am here to listen, provide input, and ensure all of our stakeholders have a place at the table. I believe in fiscal health, ensuring we have enough funds to run the city properly and attract the best talent. We need to meet the needs of our small businesses and attract investment to our city while preserving our small town charm. We also need to keep our focus on Public Saftey, clean streets, and a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike. As a Board Member for the Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce I advocate for our small businesses, and collaborate with the city to make sure Pleasant Hill is a thriving community.  The other ways I have been giving back to our city and region is through Commission and Commitee work. I am currently the Chair for the Iron Horse Trail Commission, The Vice President for the Pleasant Hill 4th of July Comittee, and The Pleasant Hill Apointee for the CCCTA Advisory Board.
 Our campaign motto is "Looking to the Future". Thank you for your vote!  

Local Involvement and Contributions 


I sit on the local board for the ASCCA and I was elected as the state Vice President for 2024. I volunteer for The connected cars committee where we work with our legislature and Consumer Affairs' to provide input on the evolving nature of the EV industry and how it affects small business. 

Iron Horse Corridor Management Program Advisory Committee

I was appointed to the committee by Ken Carlson to represent our county District VI. My goal for seeking this position is to find solutions for commuters and receational visitors. I want to be a part of the positive and rewarding experience our community has on the trail. However, our commute and use patterns are changing. With this we need to look toward the future and have a trail system that works for everyone.  

Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce Board Member 

The Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors represents the diverse business culture supporting the City of Pleasant Hill and the surrounding area. Our Board members are responsible for the strategic guidance and policy governance of our organization. As local business professionals and dedicated business leaders, each board member is committed to the well being, support, and development of our businesses and community.

4th of July Committee 

I was invited to join the 4th of July committee last year and was elected the Vice-President this year. I am working to help with the fundraising efforts due to the 40% rise in costs. We are working tirelessly to ensure the wonderful events our community enjoys are still enjoyed this year and years to come. If you are reading this and can donate please do! If every resident donated 2 dollars we would meet our budget for the year. Look forward to seeing you at the parade! 

Eastern-Slavic (Post-Soviet) Community

My wife and I run a Non-Profit The Russian Language School of Contra Costa. We do this in conjunction with the Slavic Skaska Theater Studio. We assist new families with integration, help refugees that come to our area, and offer a cultural center for families. The greater community consists of 100 different nationalities. The larger post imperial/soviet empire spanned 2 continents. The  population is very diverse. Outside of the what is traditionally the people of this region (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusians) there is also a large Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, Georgian and Asian population estimated @ 30-40% of the population. This mix of groups is seen here in the Diablo Valley and we all share a common bond.

San Ramon Culture in the Community Festival


I am a supporter of our local LGBTQ+ community. Over the past decade I have volunteered for the Sunburst Camp fundraising drive, Various Aids Lifecycle Events, Fundraising for the Rainbow Community Center, and during the pandemic provided safe spaces for the community while assisting LGBTQ+ business owners with fundraising and business consulting services. 

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