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Andrei worked with local leaders to support our neighborhoods

During the District Process Andrei attened meetings, met with local leaders, and citizens. Our team made sure to check with our neighbors, take into account the results of the demographer, and see how the law was being applied. In the end of the process he promoted a map that gave the best chance of representation in neighborhoods that were underrepresented.


That map is below:


Transparency in the Process

Andrei teamed up with former candidates, current elected officials, and neighbors to bring a new voice to the table. The City Council and city staff were very open, flexible and fair in the process. They in the end adopted a map that was in the best interest of the city.

There were many citizen submitted maps, and a few offered by a demographer. In the end we came away with 2 new districts in the North and the East that will now have new representation this next election in 2024. Andrei Obolenskiy is Running in the District East of Contra Costa. 

What district am I in? 

To know what district you are in and the timeline of the process please go to this link:




Citizens for Andrei Obolenskiy for City Council FPPC#1452282
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